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Casa Bernard

Situated near St. Paul’s Church, Casa Bernard is a well-preserved late 16th Century Palazzo, whi ...

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Malta Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum charts Malta’s maritime history and lore within a Mediterranean context, ill ...

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Napoleon and some 5000 troops landed on Malta on June 12 and ousted the Order of St John from the islands.  Following the installation of a French Republican administration that imposed its authority on the population, the Maltese rebelled against their rulers soon after and the French were forced to retreat behind the fortification walls of of the Grand Harbour.   

The series of the In Guardia Parade takes a break for this special re-enactment to take place on special dates in St John’s Cavalier. The re-enactment is staged by the Historical Re-enactment Group of Malta on behalf of the Malta Tourism Authority.  The duration of the show is around 45 minutes. 

For exact dates, visit our events calendar.

When: February to July / September to November
Where: St. John's Cavalier, Vittoriosa (Birgu)

Getting there:

Bus no.2 leaves Bay 14 at Valletta Bus Terminus, every 15 minutes to reach Birgu in c. half an hour.

One may take advantage of this visit to explore Birgu and its historic attractions, e.g. Inquisitors Palace, Maritime Museum, Malta at War Museum and the Collachio area.

One may also visit Malta’s best flea market at Fortini football ground located just outside the town.  To finish off the tour of the town one may also relax for a coffee or snack at one of Birgu’s many restaurants.



Malta Tourism Authority