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City ExplorerCity Explorer is a handheld, portable audio/visual device that uses the latest GPS technology to guide you to the main Points of Interest in the Capital City of Valletta or the old Capital City of Mdina and Rabat. Discover Malta's rich history and culture through the eyes of a personal guide, but do it all at your own pace and desired time. This researched documentary will give you an amazing insight into these locations and an in-depth explanation about all the main places of interest. City Explorer is available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese & Dutch.

The total tour will take approximately 4 hours. Please visit  


MyGuide - Valletta AudioGuide

MyGuide - Valletta

Exalta is the provider of ‘My Guide' Audio guides, which give a detailed tour of Malta's capital city. These audio guides can be rented from the Museum of Archaeology and are ideal for visitors who would like to discover the beauty and richness of Valletta at their own pace. Visit for more information about the city tour itself, guidance on using the audio guide and more.

The tour was created in conjunction with Heritage Malta and the Ministry of Culture.


Audio Guide produced by Exalta 

Snout Audio Tours

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Snout is about totally immersing you in a place, its people and their culture. Quite a claim, but it's true. Seek, Find and Share Malta with Snout. This smart travel app on iPhone and Android lets you hit the ground running. The app is free to download and packed with information for your trip to the Maltese islands. Snout offers clever walking tours, with fully offline mapping, of Mdina and Valletta, available through in-app purchases. So that's the roaming charges sorted out. Enjoy!

· Mdina "Try Me

· Valletta "Try Me"

Ugide Malta Audioguide for Valletta - Mdina - Gozo 

Thanks to the all-inclusive Ugide audio-tours, exploring the Maltese Islands has never been easier and so much fun. With Ugide you are now free to explore the attractions at your own pace; free to choose or change your tour at any time; and free to learn about the places that interest you most. Enjoy listening to the professionally produced audio-tracks developed by professional narrators, writers and historians. 

The accompanying maps and directions are easy to follow and will help you find your way around in no time.

Visit for more information and a preview of the tours.


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