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Badger Karting

Badger Karting is a joint venture between the Pater Group and Badger Co. Ltd, aimed at increasin ...

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Federation of Underwater Activities Malta

The Federation of Underwater Activities of Malta - the FUAM - traces its roots back to 1955 when ...

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Rock Climbing in GozoThere are several excellent climbing routes in Malta, Gozo and Comino. The rocky terrain and sheer cliffs that characterise much of the Maltese archipelago are ideal for practicing this adventure sport which is growing in popularity amongst local enthusiasts and an increasing number of foreign visitors.

Various styles of climbing can be experienced on the Maltese islands, ranging from traditional and sport climbing, to bouldering, deep water soloing, sea level traversing, and many more. Abseiling is also widely practiced.

With over 1300 climbing routes to choose from, and good weather throughout most of the year, the Maltese Islands are becoming a climber's paradise.

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