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07/05/2014 - 31/05/201417:30

'En Plein Air' You are cordially invited to a reception on the 7th of May to mark the launch of artist Anthony Weitz's tenure at Villa Bologna this April. The reception will kick off at 5.30 pm, for those people wishing to drop by and see Anthony in action after work and will continue until 9pm. Early birds also get to stroll in the Villa Bologna gardens free of charge. Anthony will be painting in the gardens of Villa Bologna and he will also be in the gift shop every Wednesday morning and Saturdays, throughout the month of May, where you may peruse a selection of his paintings on exhibit entitled 'En Plein Air'. This is the first time this South African born artist has exhibited on Malta. Anthony is a prolific and passionate Plein Air painter and this is what he has to say on the subject: 'Although I have tried all the genres, from figures, still lives and portraits, the experience of escaping the studio, and heading outdoors has always been the most fun I've had with art. At the same time, I can honestly say that plein air painting is probably the most difficult of all the genres. Firstly, you have to take your entire studio with you, then have to find a location, and while you attempt to distill an entire scene in front of you onto canvas at speed, you have to contend with the elements - the sun, the wind, the uneven ground beneath your easel, and last but definitely not least, interested passers-by who expect you to drop your brushes and chat at length. But there is nothing quite like the exhilaration one feels, painting under pressure, to capture a moment in time and space. Impressionism is all about a sense of place, a fleeting light effect. My plein air work always exhibits a freshness and immediacy that studio work lacks. These days, I am so used to working outdoors, that painting indoors feels like a chore. I always said of plein air's like you're going fishing, and you always come home with something in the bag!' In January 2014, The Villa Bologna Gift Shop launched a monthly 'Visiting Artist Programme'. The aim of our project is to collaborate and share our space with other artists and also to inject life into our workshop (Ceramika Maltija) and giftshop. Way back in the 1920's, Cecilia Strickland was co-responsible for setting up 'The Malta Industries Association,' with the objective of safeguarding local artisanship for posterity. We at Villa Bologna, are going back to our roots and extending a welcoming hand to promoting local endeavour and artistic potential and cultivating a certain pride in a 'Mahdum f'Malta' ethos. Find out more about Anthony on

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