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05/06/2014 - 14/08/201410:30 - 16:00

Exhibition by Jeni Caruana 5th June 2013 to 14th August 2013. *There's nothing more exhilarating than painting something that's happening right in front of me*. Jeni Caruana is fascinated by the way musicians become fused with music through to their instruments, and dancers who go beyond the limits of their physical bodies. She loves to capture what is going on by painting. When she is painting, Jeni Caruana feels like she is in her models; a connection is created, as if she is moving in the same way. Music painting, is an impressionistic response to the stimuli of sound.

Every year Malta offers several festivals like the Jazz Festival, the Arts Festival, and Ghanafest Festival. For Jeni Caruana it is the opportunity to immerse herself in the colors, the movements and the atmosphere. She points out that she doesn’t produce photographic paintings, her paintings are more *impressionistic responses*.

In fact, to keep the spontaneity of the moment and to *the music still plays in the paintings*, Jeni Caruana tries not to work too much on them. Dance and movement, an interesting human form of the moving in the space. Thanks to her studies and her work, Jeni Caruana is able to take a mental snapshot of the form in space. Her painting practice allows her to feel the what her subjects are feeling. In this way she is able to recreate what she sees as fast as she can, so her work doesn’t allow her to paint all the body details. Her challenge is to capture precious moments in time by using as many senses as possible. As she recaps: * my paintings are prayers to the amazingness of our human bodies and to the sheer love of being alive! *.

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