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20/09/201418:00 - 23:00

This annual festival celebrating bread will be held in the village of QORMI on the 20th of September 2014.

Qormi is well known throughout the Malteses Islands as the locality where there most bakeries. Actually the construction of public ovens and bakeries at Qormi was carried out as a result of decrees issued by Grandmasters of the Order of St. John who wished to rid the marshes of Marsa, a village near Qormi, from the pestilence of mosquitoes which used to breed and thrive there in abundance. It is interesting to note that today Marsa is noted for its golf course whereas in the past it was the place where the Knights held their chivalrous tournaments.

The thousands of Maltese and the several tourists who will participate in the celebration of Lejl f’Casalfornaro will experience the Maltese identity in the various types of foodstuffs and drinks which will be offered as well as the large scale exhibition of arts and crafts in the open air along the various streets and squares in the centre of Qormi.

The one main item which will be the centre of attraction and which will receive the most promotion and publicity is obviously the Maltese loaf.


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