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The Mqabba Local Council, with the collaboration of the Parliamentary Secretariat for Local Government and the Malta Tourism Atuhority, is organizing the second edition of the event entitled ‘L-Imqabba - Biss bil-Hila' on Sunday, 12th October, 2014 from 9:00am to early afternoon.

This activity will be spread around the village core and along the main streets. The two local band clubs will be participating in this event with a stand of traditional maltese cuisine, set up in Mqabba Square. Meanwhile, a local mass band formed by musicians from the two local band clubs, will be playing several band marches along the village main streets richly decorated for the occasion. The event will include various activities such as open air arts exhibitions and a special attraction will be the kukkanja (a greasy pole set up in the middle of the square) with youths going up to get the upper flag.

During the day, various wayside chapels situated within the village boundary and also the Mentna Catacombs, at Diamond Jubilee Square, will be offered free of charge for interested viewers.

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