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The VisitMalta destination app is a comprehensive mobile guide to the Maltese Islands providing general information, facts, activities, an interactive map and an updated calendar of events. Originally available for iPhone, iPod and iPad, the new web based version now also enables users of all other mobile phone or tablet pc systems to access the Malta application.

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With the official Malta Culture Guide by Malta Tourism Authority you can explore the best cultural highlights of Malta and Gozo, and locate them on the map without roaming costs. With plenty of images and practical info you can easily plan your days and nights in Malta, and if you want to know more, you can download our free podcasts.

The application is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, as well as Android and Web. The app is available in English, Italian, German and French

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Malta Dishes is now available on the App Store. This new app from Vioside brings you recipes of traditional Maltese meals, soups, sauces and sweets

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Planning a visit to the Maltese Islands? Malta Info is a handy little app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It helps you to find your way around and get a taste of the Islands' distinct flavour by suggesting essential places to visit and sights to see.

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The first app designed specifically for Maltese citizens and tourists who plan to visit our beautiful island, Malta. An extremely simple way to find Free and Public WiFi Hotspots around Malta.

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MaltaonDmove (under the App name of 'MALTA') is a revolutionary App which presents to the user a list of 'things' closest to the user's location. These include restaurants, nightclubs, speed cameras, public restrooms, and many more...

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Malta's coolest, wittiest App and Audio Guide. It's just like having your very own Tour Guide in your phone, without having to tip! Everything you needed to know about the beautiful Maltese Islands is answered when you download the App. The very best pubs, restaurants and attractions around Malta with G.P.S linked to your smart phone so you won't get lost. Present App for discounts and offers in and around Malta.

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Next Gozo Ferry is a free travel app for the Maltese public and visitors to the island. The app delivers the ferry schedule for commuters between Malta and Gozo on their iPhone.

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Snout (Malta)SNOUT MALTA

Seek, Find and Share Malta with Snout. This smart travel app on iPhone and Android lets you hit the ground running. Free to download and packed with information Snout offers clever little walking tours of Mdina and Valetta all with fully offline mapping, available through in-app purchases. So that's the roaming charges sorted out. Then pick a free promotion and build your own itinerary or just take a picture and share it with friends and family back home.
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Snout (Malta)UGIDE

Thanks to the all-inclusive Ugide audio-tours, exploring the Maltese Islands has never been easier and so much fun. With Ugide you are now free to explore the attractions at your own pace; free to choose or change your tour at any time; and free to learn about the places that interest you most. Enjoy listening to the professionally produced audio-tracks developed by renowned narrators, writers and historians. Both an online and offline map are available for you to find your way around. Enjoy your tour!
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