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Wignacourt Museum

The Wignacourt Collegiate Museum is housed in a baroque palace that served as the residence of t ...

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The Cathedral Museum

The architectural crown of Mdina, the Cathedral Museum was originally a seminary and today serve ...

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Museums & Galleries

Discovering 7000 years is easier than you might think. The Maltese Islands are really one big heritage park. There are open-air sites and indoor museums for every historical era - from Prehistory to World War II.

The Knights of St. John were great patrons of the arts and during their 250 years rule left a legacy of masterpieces which can be found in museums, palaces and churches right across the Islands.

The islands' museums have something for everyone - whether you're browsing just for leisure or wish to deepen a special interest. You will find magnificent Baroque architecture and sacred art treasures and get a glimpse into the spectacular history of the islands.

With their deep colours and rugged landscape, the Maltese Islands have long inspired artists, photographers and sculptors, both local and foreign. Some of these are exhibited in various galleries, including works by some excellent contemporary artists. The Centre for Creativity at St. James Cavalier in Valletta, showcases their work, whilst other venues, such as The National Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum of Archaeology hold regular exhibitions of art, sculpture and ceramics. If you'd like details of local artists, the staff at both St. James and the Fine Arts Museum will be pleased to help.

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