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Mdina Dungeons

Located just inside the city’s main gate, the Mdina Dungeons house a series of life-size glass f ...

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Malta National Aquarium

Located in one of Malta’s most picturesque promenades, the Malta National Aquarium is home to ov ...

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Visitor Attractions

Interactive walkthrough and multimedia attractions offer an overview of Malta's history in under an hour and are a great way to learn what you will later be looking at.

With 7,000 years of history, it is not surprising to find that such visitor attractions are abundant. You will find most of them in the capital Valletta and in the medieval walled city of Mdina.  Most attractions deal with the period when the Knights of St. John ruled these islands. Others focus on earlier times, such as the middle ages, whilst others adopt a wider approach, starting from prehistory right down to the present.

Malta Tourism Authority