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Joseph Calleja, the magnificent Maltese tenor blessed with "a Golden Age voice" (Sunday Times) that routinely inspires comparisons with the legendary opera singers of the past, follows the success of his UK and US No. 1 hit The Maltese Tenor with a tribute to one of the most popular tenors of all time, and the man Calleja himself credits with inspiring his own career: 1950s Hollywood screen idol, Mario Lanza. 

As a boy, Calleja always enjoyed singing, but it was only after watching - and more importantly hearing - Mario Lanza in the classic MGM biopic The Great Caruso that the teenage Calleja first realised that "there was more to music than Metallica and Iron Maiden" and set his heart on becoming an opera singer rather than a pop star. "When he hit that first note in the scene in the restaurant", he recalls, "I thought ‘What is this? This is beautiful!' And then when he sang the tarantella La danza, it gave me goosebumps! I was completely hooked."

Today's critics share much the same high opinion of Calleja himself: "The Maltese tenor's beautifully rounded voice oozes old-school class - he's shiveringly good" (The Times); "this was golden-age vocalism, pure and simple" (Associated Press); "one of the best operatic tenors of the new generation" (Telegraph); "bags of elegance, passion and charm" (The Guardian); "can leave even hard-bitten listeners with tears in their eyes" (Der Tagesspiegel).

"I wanted to sing things that I loved - songs and arias sung by Mario that I grew up listening to in films like The Toast of New Orleans and The Great Caruso. If you love something and you respect it, as I do Mario Lanza, you want to make the best tribute possible" says Calleja.

Following the release of his new CD, Joseph Calleja will be sharing a little of that Lanza magic with an even wider audience when he starts his European tour in 2013 performing a selection of popular opera arias and classic songs, several of which also feature on his CD Be My Love. 

Joseph Calleja: Be My Love - A Tribute to Mario Lanza Tour 2013
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