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Casa Bernard

With its unpretentious facade belying its sumptuous interior, one could easily assume that Casa Bernard was just another of Rabat’s charming homes.

Take a step through its modest doorway, however, and you’ll realise it’s anything but!

Knock on its unassuming door and a plethora of ornate palatial delights await you! A stunning baroque palace built in the days of the knights on top of a medieval watchtower, and a family home as well, Casa Bernard is indeed a living and evolutionary work of art.

Recently restored to its former pristine glory, stepping into the palace’s majestic double-vaulted hallway is like stepping 400 years into the past. A treasure trove of spectacular furniture, paintings, and countless objets d’art, by the time you’ve toured its splendidly ornate chapel and lavishly decorated rooms, you’ll be rendered truly speechless.

Open to visitors Monday through Saturday, and offering a unique taste of aristocratic life in days gone by, this magnificent palace is well worth investigating!

Opening Hours

  • 1000-1600
  • 1000-1600
  • 1000-1600
  • 1000-1600
  • 1000-1600
  • 1000-1600
  • -



Adults (over 12)





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