Eurovision 2021

Destiny sang for Malta in this year’s Eurovision!

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Destiny sang for Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

She managed to clinch the Junior Eurovision Song Contest Trophy in 2015, she wowed Simon Cowell and everyone at Britain’s Got Talent, she stole the hearts of the Maltese people when she won Malta’s Second Season of the X Factor, and now, 18-year old Destiny represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam, with the highly-catchy ‘Je Me Casse’.

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Je Me Casse is all about the Empowerment of Women!​

‘Je Me Casse’ is about the empowerment of a strong woman and empowering other women. Lyrically we hear the story of a guy who tries to do what he can to get together with a woman from using unoriginal pickup lines, to buying drinks, but the woman has no interest at all and frustrated just wants to get away from the guy. She is assured in herself, as someone who is out to have a good time, and knows what she wants. The song then reaches out to other women to feel confident and shine bright for themselves, with the support of each other, we see this message blossom with a beautiful mighty choir. 

Destiny releases a rendition of ‘All By Myself’ Dedicated to all COVID-19 Frontliners​

Destiny’s latest release on the Eurovision Youtube channel is not for the faint-hearted. It is guaranteed to give you goosebumps. And it’s not just the setting.

Let me walk you briefly through it. The setting is a magnificent 18th Century theatre: The Manoel Theatre in Malta. Empty. Dimly lit. Stage is bare save for a microphone stand, at which stands a young girl soberly dressed. The song is a classic ballad “All by myself”.

Sounds all pretty dramatic. It is.

From the moment Destiny starts singing her mellifluous tone plucks at your heartstrings in a way that other artists never managed. Such is the timbre of Destiny’s voice that she brings out the Rachmaninoff elements in the music, affirming not only the piece as a classic but also her voice as one with an out of the ordinary caliber.

But there is more, oh yes, there is much more.

So poignant is Destiny’s rendition that her tribute to all front liners in the Covid pandemic through this song brings tears to the eyes. Powerful yet tender, assertive yet empathetic, this rendition is almost a time warp: Destiny now – amazing voice and mastering the stage and music as well as a look into the future. It shows us a future Destiny, perhaps a more mature woman whose voice will no doubt have evolved.

There she stands, all by herself, dominating a theatre which has intimidated many and been the downfall of not a few. There she sings, all by herself, pouring her heart out not only to do justice to the music but also in tribute to those who gave their lives and time to help other in the pandemic.

Malta’s Destiny shares her feelings through her music. Link to music video :

A little bit more about Malta's Eurovision Entry

Je Me Casse encompasses various musical twists , from the electro swing vibe to the pop pre-chorus showcasing the sassy aspect which is then followed up with a four on the floor rhythm. An unexpected twist appears in the middle section with a 3 part section starting from an Acapella gospel bit, followed by an empowering vocal soul delivery which unexpectedly goes to a very cool drop with lots of attitude just before the end chorus outburst.

Despite this, Destiny has once again showed her vocal versatility and has hit us all by surprise with a fantastic Symphonic Rendition with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. Grab Destiny’s Voice, add the Orchestra, throw in breathless views of Malta and Gozo, and you’re set for a unique Eurovision experience.

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If anyone were to tell her that she is the creator of her own destiny, the eighteen-year old, sassy multiracial Maltese singer would flash them a blinding smile. For she is. 

She is Destiny and since her debut in 2015 she has wowed audiences as she vowed not to be kept back by societal prejudices or preconceptions. It therefore comes as no surprise that Malta’s catchy entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, sung with panache and éclat, has roots in Destiny’s own self-concept. 

Je Me Casse is a phrase which is the French equivalent of the American ‘I’m outta here’ or the more British ‘Drop dead’. The lyrics of the song are telling. They describe a shrewd woman, confident in her own skin and achievements, telling a would-be predatorial manipulator to shove off. 

“So if I show some skin, Doesn’t mean I’m giving in” sings Destiny. This is a particularly poignant phrase. With the media drumming out messages of self-acceptance, being comfortable in one’s own skin, societal norms frequently give this message the lie. On the one hand we have models in skimpy clothing, looking gorgeous and alluring. On the other we have male predatory attitudes who interpret the layers of clothing as an overture to more intimate behaviour. 

So Destiny points out in her song and she is quite straight forward about it. Such behaviour earns the perpetrator a swift Je Me Casse. 

Because for Destiny, as it is for ladies her age, female empowerment is about living life on their terms. 

Destiny had every reason, in terms of community pressure to feel insecure. In a society where Size Zeros reign, she said Je Me Casse and triumphed. In a society where bi-racial people were unusual, to say the least, she said Je Me Casse and wowed not only Malta but also the redoubtable Simon Cowell. 

For Destiny, empowerment is not a word, it is a lifestyle. That is why, her Je Me Casse rings so true.

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Je Me Casse

Lyrics: Malin Christin, Amanuel Dermont, Nicklas Eklund, Pete Barringer 

Composers: Malin Christin, Amanuel Dermont, Nicklas Eklund, Pete Barrin

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