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01/06/2018 - 29/07/2018 08:00

One could see, the confrontation of these two exhibitions and artists from around the globe that were selected by the OSTRALE curators, in the light of the words of the artist Pablo Picasso about “Guernica” (1937): “It is my wish to remind you that I was always convinced and am still convinced, that an artist who lives and works with spiritual values cannot behave indifferently when faced with a conflict in which the highest values of humanity and civilization are at risk.” Because what we want to achieve are art rooms, created through and with the artists’ works, inviting to think and create change in the sense of Picassos’ words anything but indifferent to the current state of society. Which perspectives for the future are provided through the examination of the past?

Our present age is a time of turmoil and increasing presence of terrifying “isms”, it confronts us with open questions and missing answers. Is art able to be conscious against one another, be the mutual support, the togetherness of traditions and modern age, to normatively make peaceful solutions for an essential contribution of a European cultural area development?

In our art Project “found ă mentalism” we propose a journey through the growth of a young political and economic society to clear up the question how our shared heritage is compounded. The topic “Conflict and Exile”, which we want to seize because of the global situation of war and displacement, as well as the comparison of artists and oeuvres, is giving the opportunity of cultural diversity, of understanding and finding togetherness.

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