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09/07/2018 21:00 - 22:30

Dancers defy gravity and extraordinary images appear from the darkness in a non-stop parade of effects.

Enter a world where the real and the virtual are mixed in a kaleidoscope of amazing pictures taken from Dante’s most famous Canto, with a Hell as paradoxical as Escher, as absurd as Magritte, and as cruel as Caravaggio.

This is a show where the design of light, music and special effects are combined with dance, athletic circus and pantomime.

Ethnic and world music create an otherworldly atmosphere where energy and space are interspersed with calm and poetic moments of meditation.

Hell is a theatrical space in which the physics of reality is cancelled and everything appears as in a daydream.

Sandro Cappelletto

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Fort St. Elmo

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