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Wardija Resource Centre, Wardija l/o St. Paul’s Bay, Malta

Wardija Resource Centre

The rural area of Wardija overlooks the once sleepy village of St. Paul's Bay. It is reminiscent of a traditional life-style of families toiling passionately in their fields for their daily bread, to the imposing sound of church bells and the musical rhythm of nature. In the midst of the hamlet, our resource centre gathers students from various parts of the island to receive a sound education under the guidance of professional members of staff.

Dun Manwel Attard Young Adult Education Resource Centre at Wardija, Malta, is located in a former army complex set up by the British administrators for security reasons.

From research undertaken recently, it seems that the location served as a military hospital and barracks. In fact, the local residents have fond memories of army personnel patrolling the area whilst exchanging food items and other necessities during the endless years of conflict. The Nissan Huts, still functional within the school premises to this day, give ample proof of the British presence in this area.

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