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Other Land Sports

Malta benefits from a mild climate all year round, which makes it an attractive destination to undertake a number of sporting activities. Cycling, climbing, walking and golf are among the popular activities in the great outdoors which can be enjoyed by foreigners visiting our islands. There are many other possibilities for land sports in Malta and Gozo.

Football is one of Malta's most widely practiced sports. Around Malta and Gozo you are able to find a variety of football pitches, both of natural grass and of artificial turf, varying in size depending on which style of football you would like to play (5-a-side, 7-a-side or 11-a-side). This was brought about by the steady increase in the number of youth nurseries and academies throughout the island.

Tennis is steadily gaining in popularity as can be evidenced by the number of tennis courts spread across the islands. In Malta, most of the courts are of a hard surface, though one may also find clay and grass surfaces. A recent addition to these facilities is an indoor tennis court inaugurated at Marsa Sports Club.

There are facilities on the island to cater for various sport disciplines found in Government Sports Complexes, schools and on clubs premises, ranging from archery to rugby, cricket to handball, and many others. Malta can provide whatever you could possibly need in order to take part in a sport activity, event or training camp.

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