Xagħra - Destination of Excellence

The name Xagħra, on the island of Gozo, derives from a rocky plateau which was mainly used by hunters and as a recreational place. Nowadays, the local council still organises recreational activities, such as the Fig and Traditional Food Festival, where both locals and guests participate.

Visitors can mingle easily with the local population in the various bars, restaurants and clubs in the area. During the summer season, visit the Ramla Bay for a dip in the Mediterranean Sea, and enjoy the shining sun throughout the year.

Local gastronomy

Every year the Figs Festival is organised by the Xagħra Local Council. Interest in the festival has been increasing ever since it was held for the first time. Providing both locals and foreign visitors with unique insight on Gozitan tradition, it also familiarises people with a healthy fruit which for many people would be beneficial as part of the daily diet.

The Figs Festival is a traditional event which exposes Gozo's heritage, while at the same time giving visitors the chance to taste and buy fig-based products. The event is held on the main square of Gozo with the Church of Xagħra as the backdrop, enabling tourists to enjoy the beautiful architectural monuments located in Xagħra. The festival also includes traditional Maltese music and other activities.

Places of interest - Sightseeing

• The Ġgantija Temples - a historical site which is considered as one of the oldest free-standing monuments in the world.
• The Ta' Kola Windmill - one of the largest known collections of tools, some of which were manufactured by the last miller who lived inside the mill. Also, this historical site provides a glimpse of local traditional rural life of Gozo in the past centuries.
• Ninu's Cave - a natural cave in Xagħra where visitors can observe the natural stalactites and stalagmites which formed in it throughout the years.

Other highlights
• The traditional feast of St Anthony the abbot with blessings of the animals
• The Carnival, including the traditional Komittiva dance
• The Feast of Christ the King
• The Fish Festival
• The traditional Christmas procession
• The Easter Festival - pageant and procession on Easter Sunday
• The Gozo Half-Marathon

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