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Cycling is considered as one of the best modes of transport in environmental, economical, and health terms. It also provides the freedom to enjoy one's holiday, wherever that might happen to be, avoiding the hassles typical of other means of transport. The islands of Malta and Gozo, both relatively small islands, can be easily enjoyed by bicycle. The landscape offers spectacular views from spots that are more easily reached by bike than by a car.

What better way to experience the tranquil and serene feeling of the narrow village streets! Cycling through the Maltese narrow countryside lanes between rubble walls makes one really and truly feel in sync with nature. Combine this with stops at historical and cultural places of interest along the route, and you have the best combination of a healthy, sporty and relaxed holiday. Distances between towns and villages are very short, and are reached with little or no effort at all.

The islands of both Malta and Gozo offer unique opportunities to experience a day's out cycling with a difference. The landscape changes with every twist and turn, cycling through the gentle undulating slopes, often with country views and sea views on both side of the route.

Cycling in the Maltese Islands as a leisurely or sporty activity is on the increase for people of all ages. Shops catering for the needs of the cyclist can be found in main towns, offering rentals and repair service, as well as organised tours for groups.

Thanks to the EU funded project SIBIT, over 1000km of new cycling routes have been created in Malta/Gozo and Sicily. Malta and Gozo have benefited from 3 new routes, 2 in Malta and 1 in Gozo. These routes combine a fun cycling experience together with some interesting points of attraction, which could be a natural attraction or a cultural one. 

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