Malta Movie Locations

Malta is a renowned destination for film-makers. In this second series of podcasts we will point out some of the best movie locations in the archipelago, so you can create your own itineraries across the Maltese islands, following the footprints of your favourite movie stars and directors.

You can print out the PDF map to find all the movie locations described in the podcasts.


1: Intro: the mini-Hollywood of the Mediterranean
Brief introduction to the second series of the VisitMalta podcasts. Why Malta is great for filming - and for holiday too!

Duration: 4min 44sec

2: Valletta: movie locations in the fortified city
The narrow streets and walls of Valletta used in A Different Loyalty, Munich, The Count of Monte Cristo and Midnight Express.

Duration: 8min 5sec

3: Vittoriosa Marina: from Madonna to Geena Davis
Tales from the Three Cities: Swept Away, Cutthroat Island, the Count of Monte Cristo, U-571, Munich.

Duration: 6min 46sec

4: Inside Malta: Mdina, Rabat, Naxxar
Follow the Count of Monte Cristo in the "silent city" of Mdina, the secret agents of Munich in Rabat and the pirates of Cutthroat Island in Naxxar.

Duration: 7min 41sec

5: Beaches and coasts, from Munich to Troy
Urban waterfronts, wonderful beaches, wild cliffs: why Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt and Sharon Stone all came here.

Duration: 8min 52sec
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6: Special for kids: Popeye's village
How the set of the movie Popeye became a wonderful theme park for children and their parents.

Duration: 3min 32sec

7: Fort Ricasoli: the secret set
Troy, the Roman Colosseum, Alexandria: how ancient cities are built inside the fort of the Knights of Malta.

Duration: 6min 54sec

8: Mediterranean Film Studios: the special effects shop
Malta's unique marine filming feature, where synthetic storms and naval battles are created.

Duration: 6min 37sec

9: Comino treasures
Find a treasure on the tiny island of Comino: the incredible water of Blue Lagoon, the dramatic St Mary's tower, the caves.

Duration: 7min 5sec

10: Romantic Gozo
Discover with the characters of Coronation Street, the distinctive charme of Victoria, Ramla Bay and Dwejra on the island of Gozo.

Duration: 4min 24sec
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