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182, Strait Street Valletta, VLT 1431, Malta

La&La Experience Tour Operator

Is it possible to give our travellers a unique experience by spending an unforgettable holiday on one of the most wonderful Mediterranean Islands like we always did?

La&La Experience has been created from the desire to escape and the need to create something. Those travelling with La&La Experience will realise the difference for our services and discover the simplicity and safety of booking the ideal holiday on-line on the beautiful island of Malta. From the first moment you are on the website you can start travelling and dreaming knowing that you have booked the ideal holiday at a good price, without wasting any time.

Our team has more than 10 years experience in organizing trips, study programmes and other events, and so have decided to put together all their knowledge and experience in order to create a new spontaneous way of travelling.

We would like to introduce you to the island of Malta and to all it has to offer; informing you of everything you might need on a trip. We will assist you in the booking process; you will have one of our staff on-site available 7 days a week and an emergency phone number if you need help. We will always be at your disposal to give you personalized attention not normally given by online Tour Operators.

The islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino offer you the opportunity of experiencing unforgettable moments. You can study English with courses tailor-made to your needs; you can dream about the history of a timeless island and enjoy the most beautiful sea and amazing scenery that the Maltese islands have to offer. The Mediterranean cuisine, with its mix and wide choice of menus as well as the life style of the Maltese and tourists, bring the island to life all year round - it awakes your senses.

A holiday full of fun and the pleasures of life, the best of what the Maltese islands can offer, all in our all-inclusive packages. You can choose from one of the 3 possible sections, Courses, Holiday Packages, Event organization. Each section will guide you in your choice with the best deals available. We know the Island of Malta, we live it every day, follow its changes and experiencing those peculiarities that can create emotions. It is based on this that we have created the holiday that reflects your desires.

We help the environment, creating and managing our Tour Operator On-line, using only structures that are conscious of the Environment & Sustainability. We believe that everyone can contribute in their own way to respect what our world has to offer.



  • Telefon: +356 79772577
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