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Kényeztesd magad!

SpaDue to the almost guaranteed sunshine climate, healthy Mediterranean cuisine and friendly people, the Maltese Islands have always been a favoured destination for wellness and relaxation holidays. Within the last ten years the Islands have seen heavy investment in new five star hotels and resorts with excellent wellness facilities. High quality wellness package prices are now extremely competitive and the Islands offer a variety of special facilities, such as the world's first all-inclusive, innovative therapeutic spa bedrooms (Fortina Spa Resort).

The Islands' small size, climate, heritage, diversity and hospitable natured people make it possible to meet all tastes and interests. If visitors want to immerse themselves in a complete wellness holiday, they can easily do so at any of the excellent facilities. The use of spas is not only restricted to wellness holidays, but is also a perfect compliment to any kind of holiday and offers the diversity to meet the most specific of demands. A wellness break can be combined with other activities such as a conference or meeting, a recovery trip, a cultural mini-break or even an active holiday.

The Islands' beautiful sunny weather with a cool Mediterranean breeze is already invigorating in itself and immediately increases energy levels. The mild climate also permits the Islands to be accessible all throughout the year. Even winter is an excellent time of year to visit for a wellness holiday - the Islands are greener, the air fresher and the villages less busy.