17/04/2019 - 26/04/2019 14:00 - 15:30

Organized by China Cultural Centre in Malta in collaboration with the Ministry for Culture and Tourism of China, Network of International Cultural Entities, the Wang Zhanjun Tai Chi School P.R. China, Swieqi Local Council, and the Malta Martial Art Association.

Event Details

Course Session Dates: 17 -19, 24 -26 April 2019
Time: 14:00 - 15:30
Venue: Swieqi Local Council
Applicable to: Tai Chi beginners and practitioners
Language of instruction: English (Interpretation)
Reservations by email to: 
Tuition Fees to be settled at Swieqi Local Council:

  • Pay per time: €5 for CCC members / €7 for non-members/€3 for Elderly aged 60
  • Package (6 sessions): €30 for CCC members/€36 for non-members /€18 for Elderly aged 60

Introducing the Visiting Tai Chi Instructors

Master Ye Xuan is a 13th generation inheritor of Chen - style Tai Chi, born in Taixing, Jiangsu Province of China, and acclaimed national first-class referee conferred 6th grade of Chinese martial arts level for Martial Arts Routine and National Sports Instructor.

Between 1995 and 2004, Master Ye learned Taijiquan and Taiji Pushing Hands, and studied Tai Chi theory under the renowned Tai Chi Master Mr. Wang Zhanjun in Chenjiagou Martial Arts Institute.

Dedicated to spreading the Tai Chi culture and spirit, in August 2013 Mr Ye Xuan founded the Jiangsu Taixing Martial Arts Sport Association, and in 2015 established the Wang Zhanjun Taiji Taixing Branch. Master Ye also served as Vice Chairman of Taizhou Wushu Association of Jiangsu Province and as Honorary Principal of Wang Zhanjun Tai Chi School, in 2018.

In the first edition of Sanya International Wushu Festival, he was awarded with the first prize of Chen Style Tai Chi. Over the years, Master Ye has earned high praise and wide recognition through his commitment to promoting Tai Chi to government entities, enterprises, communities and schools, and trained over 3,000 Tai Chi learners to date.

Video featuring Master Ye Xuan:

Master Ye Xuan has won prestigious awards including:

  • August 2002: China Jiaozuo International Taijiquan Annual Meeting won the Gold Performance Award
  • April 2003: First Prize in 70KG Class Push Hands of the 9th Wenxian Taijiquan, Jian and Pushing Hands Competition
  • April 2003: First Prize in 85KG Class Push Hands of the Henan Taijiquan Championship
  • April 2004: First Prize in 70KG Class Push Hands of the 10th Wen County Taijiquan
  • April 2004: First Prize in 75KG Class Push Hands of the Henan Taijiquan, Jian and Pushing Hands Championships
  • October 2014: First Prize in the Third Wudang International Martial Arts Congress Chen Style Taijiquan
  • November 2014: First Prize in Sichuan Haideng Martial Arts Invitational Competition Chen Style Taijiquan
  • May 2015: First-Class in Traditional Chen-style Taijiquan (Group D) at The National Wushu Martial Arts Taijiquan Open Tournament (held in Xuzhou Station) and the Award of Moral Prevailing Moral Prevailing Style Athletes.
  • January 2016: First Place in Asian International Wushu Festival and Sanya Kung Fu Culture Festival Men's Chen-style Taijiquan

Ms YE Feng is a 14th generation inheritor of Chen - style Tai Chi, born in Taixing, Jiangsu Province of China. She loved Tai Chi since childhood and has been practicing martial arts for many years exhibiting exquisite skills. At the same time, she made efforts to combine traditional culture, calligraphy, Chinese studies and modern fitness with Tai Chi culture and techniques. She has also made positive contributions to the promotion of Wang Zhan Jun Tai Chi training and has been awarded with the title of " Excellent Promoter of Tai Chi in Wang Zhanjun".

Ms YE Feng`s Tai Chi Experience:

  • September 2016: participated in the annual conference of the King's Warring States Army for the promotion of public welfare, which opened the way to the enlightenment of Taiji.
  • November 2016: participated in the Taixing King's Battle Army Taiji three-type training activities; served as Teaching Assistant.
  • October 2017: participated in the opening ceremony of the 7th National Games in Taixing City; served as Teaching Assistant
  • December 2017:  First Prize in Chen Taijiquan, Wang Zhanjun Taiji three forms at Taixing "HVNT CITY" cup traditional martial arts competition
  • October 2018: Awarded the title of Sportsman of Moral Style at the Jiangsu Traditional Martial Arts Taijiquan (Sword) Exchange Competition
  • October 2018: participated in the Healthy China Taiji Forum.
  • November 2018: awarded First Prize in Chen Taiji and Chen Taiji Single Sword at the Martial Arts Invitational Tournament.
  • December 2018: awarded First prize in Chen Taiji for Middle-Aged Women and First Prize in Urban Taijiquan for Middle-Aged Women in Taixing First Traditional Wushu Competition

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