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Citta' e Villaggi


8, Triq l-Isptar Rabat, 1043, Malta


An area on the outskirts of Rabat and Mtarfa, and also close to Mdina.

An ancient burial site, known as The Abbatija tad Dejr, is found in Nigert.  It is consistent with the other Christian tombs to be found in the Maltese archipelago being also an underground cemetery and has four chambers interconnecting. It features one room much larger than the others, sculpted scallop shells, arched pottery shelves, palm fronds, fish-scale and various other decorations. Attached to this catacomb, hewn from rock, is a very small church, with a painting of the Crucifixion with the Virgin Mary and the Archangel Gabriel on each side. However, one would not be able to see this painting at the catacombs because it is presently to be found at the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Din L-Art Helwa and Heritage Malta have both agreed to liaise together to rehabilitate and ensure this site's preservation since it had suffered severely from both natural forces and the hand of human recklessness. Thus enabling the public to access this historic site and enjoy and appreciate better Malta's Paleo-Christian inheritance

Informazioni di contatto

  • Contatta: Rabat Local Council
  • Telefono: +356 21455000
  • Telefono: +356 21451510
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