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Ta' Qali, Ħ'Attard, Malta

Ta’ Qali Outdoor Fitness Centre and High Ropes

The KMS Outdoor Fitness Centre in Ta' Qali is especially suited for those who would like to get back into shape; fit and healthy (ideally for 12 years and older). It's open all day and it's free. The gym is intended to complement other exercises like walking and jogging, which are so popular in the Ta' Qali area. It will help to improve your aerobic and muscular fitness and offers flexibility in scheduling your fitness program. In fact, planning your workout has never been easier! The gym equipment targets all major muscle groups including your cardiovascular system through a wide range of cardiovascular, tonal and wellbeing exercises. Easy to follow signage guides that provide clear instructions on how to use the equipment and the best way to exercise are also available to enhance your training experience.

The KMS is responsible for the management of the High Ropes Course which is located in the BOV Adventure park, Ta' Qali. This is a unique attraction, featuring an obstacle course of high ropes aimed for both youngsters and adults.Due to safety reasons, the structure is not used during high winds. Persons using the structure are first given a brief from on-site qualified instructors, before they star. Participants are equipped with professional harnesses and climbing ropes to support their weight. Although there is no age limit, it is important that one has to be at least 1.5m tall, and weighs less than 120 kgs. There are two levels of obstacles. The first lower level, normally tackled by children, consists of hanging tyres, hanging wooden steps, rubber balls and a rope bridge. The upper level, due to its altitude (10 metres high) and the greater physical force required, is tackled by the adults. This upper level consists of hanging tyres and wooden levels to walk on. The High Ropes Course consistes of a fully welded steel framework - galvanised for durability and longevity set on high tensile concrete footings. 

Informazioni di contatto

  • Telefono: +356 21660647
  • Telefono: +356 21660648


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  • Palestra / Centro FitnessPalestra / Centro Fitness

Informazioni Generali

  • Giorni d'apertura:
    • lunedi
    • martedì
    • mercoledì
    • giovedi
    • venerdì
    • sabato
    • domenica
  • Orari d'apertura: High ropes: Sunday Only 1100hrs till 1600hrs Outdoor Gym: Daily 24hrs
  • Tipo di sport:
    • Basketball
    • Climbing
    • Football
    • Netball
  • Sottocategoria sportiva:
    • Facility
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