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23/06/2019 19:00

From ancient Chinese clothing to ritual culture; from traditional aesthetics to Chinese civilization; from the evolution of clothing to the exchange and collision of eastern and western cultures; from the richness and colorfulness of Silk Road to the openness and inclusiveness of China; from the international style of China's Tang costumes thousands of years ago, to the mutual influence between the booming Chinese clothing and international fashion today.

“Chinese Culture Talk” 2019 unfolds a long, beautiful picture scroll of the development history of Chinese clothing. Some of the designs derive inspiration from Tang-dynasty costumes of figurines of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) unearthed in Xi'an along the Silk Road, murals in Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, and Astana Ancient Tombs in Xinjiang, etc.; the typical Tang-dynasty clothing elements are extracted and sorted out therefrom to create the latest series of clothing, which not only reproduces the crystallization of cultural and artistic exchanges along the Silk Road one thousand years ago, but also presents the innovation power of China's fashion design today, thereby most vividly telling Chinese stories, displaying the great beauty of Chinese clothing, and conversing with the world civilizations through clothing, a medium that is closest to life.Through costume culture blending and communication, the lecture aims to promote cultural exchanges with other nations, enhance mutual understanding, and deepen traditional friendships.

With clothing as an important carrier, this “Culture Talk” is a showcase for China's thousands of years of splendid culture to the world, as well as contemporary China's integrated, open and inclusive innovation power and traditional cultural aesthetics.

Ms CHU Yan, the lecturer of “Chinese Culture Talk” 2019, is an Associate Professor in Fashion Department, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT), Ten Fashion Designers of the Year, founder of new Chinese-style clothing brand “CHUHETINGXIANG CHUYAN”, China's first Doctor of Fashion Design, and chief designer of costumes for 2014 informal APEC leaders' meeting. Dedicated to promoting the application and dissemination of Chinese traditional culture and art in modern life, CHU Yan has been doing research on the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese costumes in recent years. In her over 20 years of design career, she has won many international and domestic design awards.

CHU Yan has received several highly prestigious awards including: Gold Award for Fashion Design at UNESCO’s “DESIGN 21” International Youth Designer Competition in 2000; “Ten Fashion Designers of the Year” at China Fashion Week in 2011; “Guanghua Longteng Award” in 2012; “Ten Outstanding Young Persons” in China’s design industry, and “Top 10 Emerging Designers” of the year ranking in China’s textile industry. In 2013 , CHU Yan won the only costume design award of the year at China Fashion Week and Excellent Young Designer award at Beijing Fashion Design Week,  entitled “Ten Fashion Designers of the Year”, at China Fashion Week in 2013. In addition, CHU Yan`s work was selected for the UNESCO Head Quarter’s “Touching China” design exhibition in “China-France Culture Year” and she received the award by Xinhuanet for “Stylish Designer of the Year” in 2014 and “Womenswear Designer of the Year” at China Fashion Week in 2017.

More recently, CHU Yan`s designer brand named “CHUHETINGXIANG CHUYAN” won “Fashion Brand of the Year” award for the third consecutive year at China Fashion Week, as well as the award for Costume designer of the “Beijing 8-minute Show” at the closing ceremony of the “Pyeongchang Winter Olympics” in 2018. 

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A Date with a Thousand Years - The Classic and Fashion of Chinese Clothing

Venue: Studio B, St James Cavalier, Castille Place, Valletta
Date: 23/06/2019
Time: 19:00 Duration: 90 mins
Lecturer: Ms CHU Yan (Associate Professor in Fashion Department, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT)
Cert: 12
Language: Chinese with English Interpretation
Organized by: China Cultural Centre in Malta in collaboration with Spazju Kreattiv
Entrance is Free but booking is required.
Booking Office: St James Cavalier, Castille Place, Valletta Tel: 356 21223200
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