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Triq il-Barrieri, Ħal Kirkop, KKP 1751, Malta

Ħal Kirkop

Hal Kirkop is a quaint village typical of the ancient settlements of the South. Despite its proximity to the airport, it still retains a rural charm.

By the late 15th century it was large enough to warrant two churches; both were rebuilt and embellished in the 17th century. It became a separate parish in 1592 when it split from nearby Gudja, one of the ten original parishes formed in the early 15th century.

From prehistoric times, it is has a Menhir, one of the few that still stand in Malta, and the only one on the Island christianised - as indicated by the cross on its top.


  • コンタクト: Kirkop Local Council
  • 電話: +356 21680099
  • 電話: +356 21683777


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