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02/02/2020 20:00

The Gozo Youth Wind Band within the Gozo Youth Wind Band & Orchestra is currently during its last preparations to present yet again its annual concert, the Don Bosco Grand Concert 2020. As in previous years, the Gozo Youth Wind Band strives to introduce new arrangements in the local musical scene while keeping an eye to make the evening varied and appealing to the general public young and old. The concert comes to an end with the Don Bosco Hymn.

As the case of The Youth Orchestra, The Gozo Youth Wind Band consists mainly of 50 Gozitan Youths who after having pursued their musical studies both in Gozo and Malta on an individual basis, meet regularly in group to prepare an exciting and varied repertoire to be performed later on  in concerts throughout the year. In fact this is the 18th year since the inception of these two ensembles, namely, The Gozo Youth Orchestra and the Gozo Youth Wind Band. It is worth mentioning that the Gozo Youth Orchestra will be presenting “Not Just … The Wall” on February 29th, 2020 at MCC Theatre, Valletta, Malta and for the 13th year running- Opera vs Pop Under the Stars, Monday 3rd August 2020 as also the 6th Edition of Stage and Proms on the Sea, Monday 14th September 2020. A new rock-orchestral concert will be held on the 21st November at the Aurora Theatre as well as the 3rd Edition of Christmas Rocks the Astra in December.  

The Don Bosco Grand Concert will be held Sunday 2nd February 2020 at 7.00 p.m. at the Oratory Don Bosco Theatre, Victoria, Gozo. The Gozo Youth Wind Band will be under the direction of Founder and Music Director Mro Dr. Joseph Grech. Entrance is Free and patrons are requested to be seated 15 minutes before.

For more information, send an email to gozowindbandorchestra@yahoo.co.uk.


Oratorju Don Bosco

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