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Between 1394 and 1398 Malta was undergoing the re-establishment of Aragonese rule on the Kingdom of Sicily -playing a pivotal role.

What is often described by historians as the Aragonite reconquista of the kingdom, King Martin I of Sicily and his father -later to become king Martin II - landed in Sicily with a sizeable force to end the rule established by the Sicilian Baronial families namely Alagona, Chiaramonte, Ventimiglia and the Moncadas.

Martin I tried to win the loyalty of two of the factions - Alagona and Moncada by creating the Marquisate of Malta, and offering it first to one and then the other. Both accepted the offer, fortifying themselves within the Castles of Malta; The City of Mdina and Castelamare (Birgu); to eventually rebel and take up arms from within these strong positions; supported by the inhabitants of the Birgu and Castle, and supporters of the rebellious cause.

The Universita' of Malta offered support for these as well. In 1398, 4 years after Malta was taken over by the rebels, the King was finally ready to send his forces to Malta, lead by Catalan Knight Fernando De Podio, supported by local loyal families, mainly Gatto; a condottiere per eccellenza, and the knight Santa Sofia - supported by the populace loyal to the crown. Francisco Gatto spearheaded the attack by, laying siege and attacking the city of Mdina.

It took a couple of weeks and he moved into the city victorious, retaking his possessions there. The takeover of the Castellamare was a totally different matter.

It took a bitter siege of more than 3 months for the defending forces to finally succumb. But then that is another story...

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