Waarom filmen in Malta ?

With such a wide selection of locations available around the globe, why should a production come to Malta?
There are many ways to answer the question 'Why Malta?'. but the principal reasons why so many producers and directors have chosen the island include the following...

Short Distances
Up to a maximum of five scenes can be shot in one day.

Mild Climate
Sun shining for an average of 8½hrs per day. 12 shooting hours of daylight in summer, and 10 in winter.

Multi-lingual local community
English spoken by all, Italian understood and spoken by many.

Accessible Coast
A variety of rocky and sandy beaches.

Excellent Opportunities
for location shooting.

World-Class Water Tanks
located at Rinella Studios.

The Oldest Known History in the World
with authentic locations dating back 6000 years.

Excellent Hotel Accommodation
and genuine hospitality.

Experienced Technical Crew
who already worked on big budget films

For this and more, Malta is the place for making movies. 


 Lady G