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Health & Wellness


Marfa Road, Mellieha Bay Mellieħa, MLH 9063, Malta

Aquamarine Spa

At Seabank, it's not only about escaping the stress and tension that comes with the daily grind. We understand that both body and mind need essential revitalization so that you are recharged and renewed. The entire concept of the Seabank All-Inclusive Resort centres around helping you forget your troubles but also to energize you in order to face them. If you are tired and need a way to relax, the AquaMarine Spa & Fitness facilities shall give your body and mind the relaxation and revitalizing boost you need. Not only are you able to lay back and rest at the heated indoor pool, but you can wash off your troubles in our sauna and steam rooms. Indeed, Seabank staff recommend that you complement a day filled with vigorous and enjoyable activities by winding down at the Wellness centre for at least half an hour. Leaving ample time to relax helps you bookend the day with a positive note, which means you will enjoy your break with us even more! What can you do at the AquaMarine Spa & Fitness Centre? After a warm shower, select from a fresh pile of clean towels and enter the sauna to find a spot where to recline. Breathe deeply for a few minutes to let the heat permeate your body and help quicken your body's respiration system. You can take a break any time and re-enter the Sauna as many times as you want. It is very important that you take your time and do not rush in order to enjoy the full effects. At the Steam Room, relax in your spot and let the steam and humidity and the relaxing music transport you to a natural resting state. On a small fee basis, you can than augment your pleasure and finish off your session by having a relaxing massage or choosing from one of our extensive treatments afterwards.

Informacje kontaktowe

  • Telefon: +356 22891330

Obiekty i usługi

  • Basen dla dzieciBasen dla dzieci
  • Basen krytyBasen kryty
  • Basen odkrytyBasen odkryty
  • Honorowanie głównych kart kredytowychHonorowanie głównych kart kredytowych
  • SaunaSauna
  • Umiejscowienie nadmorskieUmiejscowienie nadmorskie

Informacje ogólne

  • Dojazd: Bus Numbers: 41 & 42 (From Valletta, Malta)
  • Dni otwarte:
    • Poniedziałek
    • Wtorek
    • Środa
    • Czwartek
    • Piątek
    • Sobota
    • Niedziela
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