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Għarb - Destination of Excellence

Picture yourself in a quaint village square, adorned by ancient buildings crafted in golden coloured limestone, under the watchful eye of an imposing church- a building of a size that one might not even expect in such a tiny village.

This is Għarb - A place of tradition and history, imbued with the pure essence of the Mediterranean in its culinary produce, in its unmistakable character. Għarb is an example of what is becoming rarer and harder to find, of a relaxing tranquillity long lost in places outside the tiny island of Gozo.

Għarb traces its origin to the Neolithic and Bronze ages and has seen many civilizations dwelling the area, all of which imprinted the character of this village forever. This village boasts one of the oldest parishes on the island of Gozo, with the original 17th century chapel still standing the test of time.

The tiny village is surrounded by lush green fields and pastures, where a few shepherds still dwell, producing some of the best traditional cheeselets. Artisans such as blacksmiths, weavers and other craftsmen are part of the daily life in the tiny village. In fact Għarb is not only known for its traditional knife making but also for a modern crafts village producing and selling pottery, artistic glass and hand woven lace.

In the case of Għarb, small does not in any way imply limited or mediocre as this village also has a number of interesting museums, which offer visitors a glimpse into the island's past. The village itself is however a spectacular museum on its own, being a place where tradition intertwines and balances with everyday life, making Għarb truly a place worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

The sanctuary of Ta' Pinu is located on the outskirts of Għarb's territory. Ta' Pinu is not only a shrine to many faithful who attend mass and strongly believe in the miraculous intervention of Our Lady, but also a spectacular sight in itself. A sizeable basilica, built in the middle of the open countryside with nothing else around, making it truly unique and remarkable. The small village even has a coastal element, with the fascinating natural window at Wied il-Mielaħ jutting out into the Mediterranean sea, making it a great diving spot.

After exploring the rustic flavours of this village, basking in the warm sunshine and fresh air, it would be a pity not to rest one's weary feet in a traditional village bar, where local wine flows and traditional food abounds. Għarb is truly a feast for all senses, a place where to relax one's mind and indulge in an experience which can forever and deeply change an individual's perception of the modern world.