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Shore Diving


Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta

HMS Maori

The site is found below fort St. Elmo, in front of a cafe which has its outside walls covered with a number of painted Destroyers, amongst which is the HMS Maori. HMS Maori was launched in 1937, and saw considerable action in the Mediterranean, the Norwegian campaign, Atlantic convoys and the North Sea. On February 12th 1942, it was moored at the entrance to Dockyard Creek, when it recieved a direct hit in her engine room. She was eventually set down in the back-water of St. Elmo's Bay, on the sandy bottom at a depth of around 18 metres. Her guns were removed and the bows and stern are gone, however part of the raised bridge is still there. Divers can enter the remains quite easily, with exits through large holes in the starboard side. Although silted up, there are pleny of different types of fish and other creatures in and amongst the wreckage, which is covered with greenweed and tube worms.

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