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Mellieħa, Malta

Slugs Bay

Slugs Bay is a secluded, tiny, pocket beach with a few square metres of sand  located in the Marfa ridge overlooking Mellieħa.

The bay can be reached over difficult terrain descending along a cliff slope. Access from the water is restricted due to rocks jutting from the sea. Consequently little or no development has taken place and the bay is largely in pristine condition. The bay took its name from the dark brown, sea-slug which can be found in its waters. The rare indigenous plant the pancratium maritimum is abundant in the area in August.

Контактная информация

  • Контакт: Mellieħa Local Council,
  • Телефон: +356 21521333
  • Телефон: +356 21521666

Общая информация

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