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Santa Marija Bay, Comino

St. Marija Bay

This is one of the most popular bathing spots on Comino, a 3.5 square kilometre island renowned for its crystal clear waters.

The tiny isle of Comino is the perfect hideaway. Named after the cumin herb once grown here, Comino is the perfect retreat - carefree and car-free. Comino has been put to different uses over the centuries by the Islands' various rulers. It was inhabited in the Roman period, but did not have much significance until the Knights arrived. It then had a dual role as a hunting and recreational ground and as part of the coastal watch tower defence of the Islands. Together with the isle's other bays – St. Nicholas and the famed Blue Lagoon – this bay makes Comino the ideal choice for many water sports, especially diving and snorkelling. Comino is worth a visit all year round. In winter, it is ideal for walkers and photographers. With the clear warm seas, water sports enthusiasts will find Comino's only beach hotel offers a full range of water sports and amenities.

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  • Телефон: +356 21560909

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