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Girgenti, l/o Siġġiewi, Malta

Girgenti Palace

Girgenti Palace is located close to Siggiewi, not far from the southern coast of Malta. The palace was built by Inquisitor Onorto Visconti in 1625, and for this reason it is also referred to as the Inquisitor's Palace.

There are impressive views of the surrounding countryside and gardens, which are naturally irrigated by a number of springs. There is also a chapel onsite, dedicated to San Carlo Borromeo that was built in 1763.

The facade is of Girgenti Palace is well-proportioned and interesting producing an elegant and not monotonous effect. From 1625 to 1798, this Palace was the summer residence of Malta's Inquisitors, who had the task of keeping the Bishop and the Grandmaster in a peaceful situation. During the British period, Girgenti Palace first served as the summer residence of the Lieutenant Governors, and later it was used as a store for the National Museum's collection. It was abandoned in the years after the war and was then refurbished between 1988 and 1990, when it became the residence of the Prime Ministers of Malta.

Image by Michele Agius



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