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07/12/2018 20:30 - 22:30

Vatican Museums 3D - a unique, spectacular, fascinating event is returning to the Eden Cinemas due to popular demand on Friday 7th December at 8.30pm and Sunday 9th December at 6.10pm to reveal the centuries-old, hidden beauty of the Vatican Museums. This mega-production explores the length and breadth of the Vatican Museums, filming amazing night-time footage through the halls which house some of the rarest and most precious works of art in the world, spanning all cultures and all epochs.

Thanks to a unique mix of native 3D and the most advanced dimensional techniques used in cinema by James Cameron and Tim Burton, audiences can literally immerse themselves in the great masterpieces of art history: "enter" the paintings of Caravaggio and, with unprecedented realism, touch Laocoön and the Belvedere Torso, and feel swathed by the figures in the Sistine Chapel that have never seemed so real before. From the masterpieces of classic statues to the Cast of Michelangelo’s Pietà, right up to Fontana’s modern sculptures; from paintings by Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci and Caravaggio to those by Van Gogh, Chagall and Dalì; from the extraordinary frescos in the Rooms of Raphael, such as “The School of Athens” to the spectacular masterpieces by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel such as the “Creation of Adam” and the majestic “Last Judgment”. These are the stages of a unique , emotional journey under the guidance of the Director of the Vatican Museums, Professor Antonio Paolucci, expertly leading us through past, present and future. Embark on an astounding journey to the very heart of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.

Tickets are available at €12 for adults and €7 for children under 16.

For more information or to buy tickets visit www.edencinemas.com.mt or call 23710400


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