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Old Naval Bakery Vittoriosa, Malta

Maritime Museum

The Malta Maritime Museum depicts Malta's maritime history and traditions through the exposition of various artefacts'. These highlight the importance and influence that seafaring had on the Mediterranean and global society. Located in the purposely restored Old Naval bakery, the Malta Maritime Museum was opened in 1992.

Being an island in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta was undoubtedly greatly shaped through its maritime history, and this museum charts it all from prehistory to the present day. The Malta Maritime Museum continues to search for relevant artefacts to include in its already vast collections and this task has been greatly supported by constant donations from local and foreign individuals, dignitaries, companies and other non-profit organisations. Presently, the museum covers over 2,000 sq. m., some 30 per cent of the total floor area available.

The collection includes the Cathedral Triple Expansion Engine, Roman Anchors, the Vaxxel Model, the Lepanto Ex-voto, the St. Barbara Cannon, the ‘Daghjsa tal-Latini' (Latin boat) model, a French Sabre, the Hibernia figurehead, an Eastney Canteen and the Admirality Mace.


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  • İrtibat Kişisi: Antonio Esponosa Rodriquez
  • Telefon: +356 21805287
  • Telefon: +356 21805287
  • Faks: +356 21809090

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