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Palazzo de Piro Cultural Centre, 3, Triq is-Sur, Mdina, MDN 1131, Malta

Tools, Trades & Traditions Museum

Tools, Trades & Traditions at Palazzo de Piro in Mdina, operated by Infinitely Xara, is a unique museum in Malta presenting a single private collection of objects and tools related to an array of trades. The prime role has been given to the artefact, both as a tool matching specific requirements but also as a collectable in its own right, exhibiting aesthetic and historic qualities.

The museum is designed around five main sections that were derived from the study of the existing collection being Precision and Ornament, The Art of Building, From The Field To The Table, Measuring our World and Traditions. Each collection has its own qualities and have been curated into a contemporary assemblage which highlights the creative diversity and constant innovation that is hidden behind each of these objects. "The business of the experienced workman is not to demand the best possible materials, but rather to make sensible and appropriate use of those available" said Alberti. Tools, Trades and Traditions offers a window on past tools and trades, a place where to learn and recall memories, but also a place for intimate and silent discoveries.

Informazioni di contatto

  • Contatta: Marilyn Custo
  • Telefono: +356 20100560

Informazioni Generali

  • Giorni d'apertura:
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  • Orari d'apertura: Admission after hours is also possible by appointment.
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