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Triq id-Duka ta’ Edinburgh, Ħamrun, ĦMR 2063, Malta


Ħamrun is a bustling, urban area that developed from fragmented villages. It is a popular shopping town with a lively atmosphere.

Hamrun's rapid development from the mid-19th century was the result of the building of the railway, though the population had already swelled with the overspill of dockyard workers from Valletta and Floriana. The railway lasted only five decades until around 1930, but by then Ħamrun had became a major centre. It was granted parish status the late 19th century.

The early baroque parish church, St. Mary of Porto Salvo, built in 1736, developed like the town itself from smaller beginnings: it was probably once a village chapel. Today's main parish church is dedicated to San Gaetan.

Also of interest is the small chapel of Tas-Samra. It houses a small icon brought to Malta from Spain by a wealthy 16th century merchant. The icon, a depiction of the Madonna, was much revered and was unusual for the dark complexion of the Madonna.

Informações de contacto

  • Contacto: Ħamrun Local Council
  • Telefone: +356 21222020
  • Telefone: +356 21221522
  • Fax: +356 21238991

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