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GRAN BALLO LA VALLETTA -  'Una Tragica Opera in Maschera'

On Saturday 9th February, the Manoel theatre will lend its splendor to a world of fantasy, colour, dance, lavish food, surprise, and mystery. These will be the ingredients of a Venice-style Carnival Ball.

The organisers of the Gran Ballo La Valletta were not new to the concept. They have experienced the world-famous carnival balls in Venice. “What we saw and experienced in Venice was extraordinary”, said the organisers,"what makes the Venice Carnival Ball so unique is that it appeals to all the senses in a stylish, and colourful fantasy. The fact that this ball is so famous with people coming from different cultures of the world, was ample proof of its universality”. It was so universal that the Venice Carnival Ball was actually revived in 1979 by tourists wearing period costumes and masks. Ever since, Venice has thrived on a tradition and has become a huge attraction especially during February.

Valletta has a lot in common with Venice. Both can boast baroque settings, and are ideal for such a stylish activity. The organisers of the Gran Ballo La Valletta know that the City has all it takes to take the centre stage for style and imagination. Valletta can be transformed into a city of dreams, full of dancing candlelight shadows, an air of mystery, with the sound of revelry filling the crisp, February air; where masks hide faces, and where music fills the soul. Reality turns to fantasy, and the mood becomes enchanting.

Booking is limited. All proceeds will go in aid of YMCA.

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