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17/07/2013 - 31/07/2013

The Embassy of Italy and the Italian Institute of Culture in Malta - in collaboration with RizzutoArte (Palermo, Italy) - present Compressioni, solo show of DAVIDE BRAMANTE in Valletta. 

On display, twelve of the famous photographic works for which the artist is appreciated in Italy and abroad, and some of the recent watercolors on photos that constitute the latest addition to his refined artistic research. The exhibition opens on Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 7:30 p.m., at the Italian Institute of Culture (St. George Square, Valletta VLT 1190) and will remain open until July 31. 

The photographs of Davide Bramante might seem to be a digital processing, instead they are obtained with the analogical technique of multiple exposure during shooting, a result of multiple shots - from four to nine - on the same frame. 

Cities are the main subjects and undisputed protagonists of the photographic works of David Bramante. New York, Paris, Zurich, Madrid, Los Angeles, Havana, Berlin, up to the metropolis of the East - but also Italian cities such as Rome, Naples, Palermo, Florence. Each one of them is told through the synchronous superposition of different shots. 

Through the simultaneity of these overlaps, Bramante is thus able to express the sense of contemporary society so crowded, impetuous and abundant as to be inexpressible in a single image. For the artist - eternal itinerant - his works are also the mirror of his personal history, of his travel experiences and his memory. 

Bramante's photos - then - do not represent reality but destroy it, reinterpret it and transcend it, definitely projecting towards the fine art photography. 

The title of the exhibition - Compressioni - alludes to a conceptual parallellism between the photographic technique of Bramante and the computer technique used to reduce the size of files. As well as compressed documents, each photograph contains more pictures, prospects and mental projections of the same city, proving to be an effective visual technique to reduce the space required to data storage. 

Born in Syracuse (Sicily, Italy) in 1970, Davide Bramante studied in Turin at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts and in 1998 he began to show his work at the Gallery of Modern Art of Bologna and Sarajevo. He won two scholarships at the prestigious Franklin Furnace Foundation in New York. 

Today, at age 42, his curriculum includes artistic experience at international level. He's realized more than sixty solo and group exhibitions in museums, foundations and galleries, including MoMA New York Museum, Museo Marino 

Marini in Florence, MACI of Isernia, Papesse Palace of Siena, Palace of Expositions of Rome, Gallery of Modern Art of Bologna, Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin. He's taken part in the most important fairs of contemporary art, and he is represented by important art galleries in Italy (Studio La Città in Verona; Poggiali e Forconi in Florence; Fondazione Morra in Naples; RizzutoArte in Palermo) and abroad (in the United States: Mark Miller Gallery, RVS Fine Art, Winston Fine Arts; in Portugal: Gallery Artlounge, Lisbon). 


Italian Cultural Institute in Valletta 

Old Chancellery, St. George Square, 

Valletta VLT 1190 - MALTA 

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