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The town of Mtarfa is linked with the presence of the British Forces in Malta and thus every year, the Mtarfa Local Council makes the most of the heritage left in its locality by organizing an event better known as Military Mtarfa. This is the sixth year that this activity is being held and we are sure that, as has happened in the past, it can generate a lot of interest especially from military enthusiast.

This year the event shall be held on Saturday 18th October from 5pm till late within the ex-Naval Hospital, nowadays used as a school. The event comprises of various re-enactments such as an air raid simulation, various ceremonial drills and displays, including WWII weaponry and military vehicles and radio communication equipment. The old mortuary, situated at the back of the hospital, will also be open for public viewing. A group of volunteers will also be assembling a large scale cardboard model of the WW1 aircraft ‘Viper'. In fact this will also be competing in a record attempt for the largest construction of an aeroplane made out of carton paper with the Malta Records. One may also view various die cast model military aeroplanes and vehicles or participate in a live interactive forum about wartime Mtarfa. This year we shall also have a live band playing military and pre-war songs.

Free entrance to all. There will be a variety of drinks and food stalls.

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