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23/03/2017 - 26/03/2017

MADC presents Oliver Goldsmith's farcical comedy based on two incidents creating a complicated and convoluted plot through miscommunication and mistaken identities whilst also exploring a series of ethical and aesthetic issues.


Tony Lumpkin, son of Mrs. Hardcastle from a previous marriage, is a drinker and a prankster. His mother indulges him and hopes that her ward, Constance Neville, will marry him. Mr. Hardcastle has little patience for him.

Mr. Hardcastle makes his daughter, Kate, wear the clothes of a country girl, at least part of each day, hoping that doing so will make her overcome her wish to be a lady of importance. Thinking as well that she should marry, Mr. Hardcastle has asked his closest friend, Sir Charles Marlow, to send his son from London to meet Kate.

On the trip from London, the young Marlow has the company of his dear friend, Hastings, who has hopes of marrying Miss Neville. She is delighted that Hastings is coming, and she reveals to Kate that she knows the young Marlow. She describes him as being very shy with fashionable young ladies but quite a different character with young women of a lower class.

En route to the Hardcastle home, Hastings and Marlow lose their way and arrive at an alehouse, where Tony is carousing with friends. Recognizing the two men, Tony decides to play a trick on his stepfather. He tells Hastings and Marlow that they are way off course and that it would be wise to stop at an inn a short distance up the road. The inn is actually Mr. Hardcastle's home. Knowing nothing of Hastings and Marlow's misconception, Hardcastle treats them as guests, while they, in turn, treat him as an innkeeper.....

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