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21/06/2017 20:00

The Strada Stretta Concept, under the auspices of the Valletta 2018 Foundation and in collaboration with the French Embassy in Malta, presents ’Voiceless Carmen’, under the artistic direction of Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci.

As part of the worldwide festivities of the Fête de la Musique 2017, the Strada Stretta Concept have again joined forces with the French Embassy in Malta for another out-of-the-box event under the artistic direction of Schembri Bonaci, by presenting an innovative version of the opera Carmen.

Where is Carmen? Who is Carmen?

What is an Opera without voice? 
What instrument reflects the tragic plight of Carmen, the violent jealousy of Don Jose? 
What instrument can be equated to the turbulent Escamillo?
How will the different musical sections fight the jealousy theme, and how can death find its fatal note?
And furthermore how can such music of fate, jealousy, and death integrate its meaning with Maltese Għana? 
How can Carmen, Don Jose and Escamillo as musical instruments challenge the intervention of Maltese Għana?

Carmen is the arena of death and the musical instruments must fight till death.


  • Reggie Clews, violin, as Carmen
  • Chiara Colombo, oboe, as Don Jose
  • Matteo Colombo, violin, as Escamilio
  • Inga Marcel, violin, as Zuniga
  • Emel Hasanoglu, piano
  • Maltese Troubadours 


For more information visit https://goo.gl/Ykq23e



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