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10/07/2017 - 08/10/2017

The exhibition is co-organized by China Cultual Centre in Malta and the Culture Department of Guizhou Provincial Government, China.

Province of Mountains ,Colourful Guizhou Photography Exhibition lives up to its name through a magnificent collection of specialist photographs featuring distinguishing aspects of Guizhou, a Province of China renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and waterscapes, UNESCO enlisted World Natural Heritage and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity items,  including regional and ethnic customs, minority group festivities and traditions, as well as record breaking telescope technology and bridge architeture, amongst other natural splendours or cutting edge achievements. The exhibits include 9 pieces of Ecology Photography by renowned photographers which won prestigious awards, a Golden Prize winning entry and others winners at the China Photography Awards.

“Culture is a bridge of communication that connects people on a spiritual level. It is a bond which grows and deepens, and one which nurtures mutual understanding and trust. The impact of cultural exchange is more far-reaching than that of politics and more profound than that of economic transactions. As time goes by, people and events become history, but culture is enduring and unfading. Different cultures emerge in different geographical environments, each with their own unique characteristics. It is this cultural diversity that that makes disparate cultures influence each other, merge and grow further, enriching people’s lives and carrying human civilization forward”.   

Remarks by Mr. ZHANG Minghui Director of Culture Department of Guizhou Provincial Government, during a speech at the launch ( first stop) of Province of Maountains, Colourful Guizhou Photography Exhibition in Malta, on April 25, 2017

Introduction to Guizhou:

Guizhou is an inland province located in southwest China, with an area of 176.167 thousand square kilometers (about 557 times of the size of Malta) and a population of 35.28 million. The Annual average temperature in most areas of Guizhou province is around 15.6 , so that it is commonly referred to as  “Natural Giant Air Conditioning” and “Green Natural Oxygen Bar”. Guiyang, the capital city, was rated as one of the areas of least ultraviolet radiation in China or even the world. Guizhou is abundant in tourism resources and an ideal travel destination all year round as it is endowed with typical Karst lanscape, breathtaking scenery and a superb ecological environment, thanks to the subtropical humidity and mountain climate. Splendid landscapes, mountains, rivers and lakes are a fascinating feast for the eyes, while the Danxia landform of Chishui and karst landform of Libo have been enscribed in UNESCO`s World Natural Heritage list. In addition, Guizhou holds upto 12 national level scenic spots and 7 national level natural reserves to its name,  including Fanjing Mountain, Maolan of Libo and Sea of Grass in Caohai .

Guizhou has a long history of human activity and is blessed with rich multi-cultural beauty. Archaeologists report that people have inhabited these lands for the past 240,000 years and that the system of province in this region was adopted nearly 600 years ago. Guizhou, is one of China`s provinces with the richest variety of minority cultures, including Miao, Buyi, Dong and 16 other ethnic groups, so that Guizhou`s minority group populations account for up to 37.9 percent of the overall total. The integration of different cultures over thousands of years, makes Guizhou a melting pot of regional and ethnic varieties of traditions and customs. Each rhnic group boasts ornate traditional costumes with decorative patterns which not only have practical and artistic value, but also serve as important carriers of ethnic culture, and a significant means to record history, such as symbols and badges of the ethnic group, which is why in recent years, they have been described as “totems worn on the body” and “epics embroidered with coloured threads. 

Venue: Level 0 &Level 1, SkyParks Business Centre, Malta International Airport, Gudja

Entrance is free

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