Nadur – Destination of Excellence

In the heat of summer, where almost everywhere in the Maltese Islands appears brown and arid, an oasis of green citrus orchards emerges, in sharp contrast with the rest of the neighbouring territories. Visitors to Nadur will appreciate why this locality has been awarded as a European Destination of Excellence for its rural areas.


Nadur is one of the few rural landscapes that still exist on the Maltese Islands. With a total surface area of 316 km2 the Maltese Islands offer an integration of urban and rural areas which form a diverse agglomeration of landscapes and ecosystems.

87.5% of the land territory of Nadur falls outside the permitted development zone. Like its rural counterparts such village maintains a vast ambience of rural nature and tradition. Quantities of fresh fruit like apples, peaches, pears, plums, oranges and melons from the fields of Nadur are distributed around all Malta and Gozo.


The village has a significant amount of cultural heritage including historical towers such as Ta’ Sopu and Ta’ Kenuna Towers with the latter boasting of a endemic flora garden complementing such structure and a panoramic view. Also along Nadur’s coastline one can see the peaceful bays of San Blas, Daħlet Qorrot and Ramla. Moreover the feast of Nadur, that of St. Peter and St. Paul also known as the feast of «Mnarja», celebrated on the 29th of June, is considered as a festivity rooted in Maltese seasonal rituals and customs.


Nadur also holds specific events that became a landmark of Gozo’s calendar of events. The 3 most popular events are:

The Nadur Carnival, being themed with satire, has today become synonymous with the locality and has grown into an event which is attended by a large amount of people;
The Wine Festival – 3 days of local wine tasting and entertainment during September, and
The Christmas market – an attraction in itself which is popular in a number of European cities, and now also in Nadur with a Maltese twist.

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