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7, Triq Indrija, Victoria, VCT 1250, Gozo

Gozo Adventures

Gozo Adventures is a company specialised in organising Kayaking, Biking, Climbing, Hiking and Adventure Tours in Gozo.

Explore Gozo and Comino's varied coastline by kayak and enjoy the islands stunning scenery from a different and peaceful perspective.
Our kayak tours allow visitors to explore Gozo and Comino's caves and bays using muscle power rather than polluting petrol, and also to get up close to dramatic limestone cliffs and marine life.
At Gozo Adventures all of our kayak tours are led by fully trained sea kayak instructors and we use high quality equipment to offer enjoyable and safe experiences for our guests.
We work with the weather - starting trips from the most suitable side of the island each day, and adapt the tours to suit experience levels. We paddle to the famous Blue Lagoon out of season when tourist boats are scarce, and avoid the same site when it is overcrowded in summer seeking out more private spots to stop. Our guides are knowledgeable about the local geography and sea life and point out things of interest en route.
We offer 1/2 day tours for €45pp and full days at €65pp. Our full day is usually from 9.30 till 16.00 and our half-day is offered at the end of our full day from 16.30 till 19.30. Our price includes an experienced guide, kayaks and safety equipment and for the full day, also a picnic lunch. To run this tour a minimum of 2 guests is required ( 3 guests for the ½ day). Contact us for family and group discounts.

If you are looking to go climbing on Gozo, then look no further! Whether you are a beginner, looking to move from indoor to outdoor climbing, or already an experience climber, Gozo has a number of inland crags and sea cliff routes to suit your needs and desires.
Gozo Adventures climbing and abseiling tours make the most of Gozo's natural dry and rocky landscape without the need to alter it in any way. The limestone rock formations and the mild climate between October to May provides Gozo with a natural adventure playground well suited for climbing and abseiling! There is also an indoor bouldering facility in the Gozo Sports Complex in Victoria that is available for public use all year round.
At Gozo Adventures our guides will take you to the best locations on the island to suit your experience and needs. They are also happy to extend your skills by combing your climbing day with abseiling and with technique and skills development. Experience the fun and thrill of descending and climbing cliffs and tackle progressively larger climbs as your ability and confidence grows.
A full day climbing is € 65 per person and a half day is € 45. It includes an experienced guide, all the equipment and safety equipment and a picnic lunch (on full day tour). To run this tour a minimum of 2 guests is required ( 3 guests for the ½ day).Contact us for family and groups discounts

Biking in Gozo is becoming a popular activity with locals and visitors alike. The islands have a great deal to offer a cyclist, with long country roads, narrow walled streets with rough surfaces and smooth long stretches that allow you to get into a good rhythm. Gozo's national symbol is the three hills, and even though the highest point of the island is no greater than 450 meters above sea level there are a great number of cycling routes that offering physical and technical challenges.
The best months for mountain biking in Gozo are the mild winter months from October to May. when the island is a lush green carpet of wild flowers and herbs and temperatures are lower - however biking is possible all year round.
At Gozo Adventures our guides do their best to choose routes that take in your interests and cater for your ability level. Rather than whizzing along the main roads in a car, our bike routes take you through the countryside, along picturesque roads and valleys with stunning views and past historical temple sites and other places of interest
We also have downhill routes which take in a variety of landscapes at a more relaxed pace!
A full day Biking is € 65 per person and a half day is € 45. This includes a guide, all the equipment and safety equipment and a picnic lunch (on full day tour). To run this tour a minimum of 2 guests is required ( 3 guests for the ½ day). Contact us for family and group discounts.

Gozo Adventures - Adventure Day Tour
This tour allows you to pick different activities to suit your interests and the time of year.
Choose two from the four activities listed below to experience in one day.
* Climbing and abseiling
* Adventure hiking
* Mountain biking
* Swimming and snorkelling
During the summer months, it is a good idea to try climbing and abseiling in the morning shade and spend the afternoon swimming and snorkeling.
From October to May it becomes a little cold for swimming, but we can offer any combination of the other three activities.
An Adventure Day is € 65 per person. It includes transport, an experienced guide, all the equipment and safety equipment and a picnic lunch. To run this tour a minimum of 2 guests is required. Half day with one activity can be offered with a minimum of 3 guests. Contact us for family and group discounts.

Eco Tour
The Gozo Adventures Eco tour will take you away from the usual tourist sites to show you the places and people we know and love. This tour is entirely reliant on the skills and friendliness of the people of Gozo! Rather than the usual tour guide format where guests are "told" information - this tour introduces you to a variety of local people in their everyday work and play settings. You have the opportunity to ask questions directly to these local experts - and we're never quite sure how they will react!
We don't like to give away too many details of this day to keep the element of surprise.
We will however tell you that the day includes a large focus on traditional foods with opportunities to do more that just eat it for lunch (although that bit alone is worth coming for!). The day also gives you opportunities to interact with local people other than hotel or restaurant staff, learn a little about every day life and traditions and learn a new game.
Interaction between tourists and locals helps visitors to understand more about Gozo. However, at a time of globalisation when many traditional skills are being lost, the interest and admiration of visitors for these traditional ways of life helps to foster a sense of pride amongst the Gozitan people which we hope will help to keep these skills alive.
The Gozo Adventures Eco tour costs € 75 per person and includes a guide, all transport, meetings and experiences with a range of local people, and a restaurant meal (traditional Gozitan lunch) with wine. To run the tour a minimum of 6 people is required.


  • Téléphone: +356 99994592

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