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Informations sur l'Organisation

Associations & Clubs


P.O. Box 32, St. Julian’s, Malta

Maltese Kendo Federation The Maltese Kendo Federation is the representative body for Kendo in Malta on behalf of the European Kendo Federation.


  • Contact: The Secretary General
  • Téléphone: +356 79415569

Equipements & services

  • ParkingParking

Informations générales

  • Comment s'y rendre: The federation make use of the gymnasium of the St.Theresa Girls' School in Mriehel, which is opposite the Infetti football grounds.
  • Jours d'ouverture:
    • Mercredi
    • Jeudi
    • Samedi
  • Heures d'ouverture: Sessions are held on Wednesdays between 1200hrs and 1400hrs at University, on Thursdays from 1915hrs to 2130hrs, and on Saturdays between 1315hrs and 1530hrs.
  • Type de sports:
    • Kendo
  • Autres sports:
    • Association / Club
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