Code of Conduct for Malta’s Beaches

• Loud music, noise in general and foul language affect the enjoyment of other beach users and are prohibited

• Beach games such as volleyball and football are tolerated, provided that they do not cause nuisance to others

• Damaging any beach or promenade equipment is an offence and will be prosecuted

• Distributing samples or leaflets require a permit from the Local Council or the MTA

• All beach staff and lifeguards are there for your assistance and safety and should be treated with respect

• It is advisable to make use of protective sun creams

• Swimmers with a medical problem are advised to enter the water with a friend

• Swimmers are requested to remain in the swimming zone

• Never swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs

• Children are their parents’ or guardians’ responsibility and should be accompanied by an adult when in the water

• It is prohibited to;

– Dig holes of a dangerous size in the size in the sand
– Litter, bury rubbish or dispose of it in the sea
– Make any form of fire or use BBQ equipment *
– Erect camps, tents or gazebos or attach sheets or towels to beach umbrellas
– Drive motorised units on beaches
– Allow animals (except guide dogs) on sandy beaches

* Not applicable on Golden Bay and rocky beaches